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You have been asking and we have been listening! So many of you are reaching out to learn about the Universal Medicine Wheel for Soul Recovery, and how you can have these gatherings in your own communities. The Addiction Alchemy Field Guide Workbook will help you assemble your tribal community for healing, empowerment and adventure!

The Workbook will give you easy to follow steps to facilitate your own Addiction Alchemy Inner Journey Universal Medicine Wheel gatherings.

The Addiction Alchemy Field Guide Manual, Addiction Alchemy Sacred Art Compendium, and Addiction Alchemy Affirmation Oracle are coming in 2020.

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"We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time." -- T.S. Eliot

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The naming of a clan is a very sacred process. It is not dictated by the creativity alone of the facilitator, but is rather more of a download of information that best represents the existing energy of the group as a whole. Through intuition, meditation, inspiration, imagination, observation and deep listening the clan is named, not by a human, but through a human by the unseen energy source that connects us all one to another.

We are but reflections of one another, until we are reflecting only what is inside of our heart of hearts from our purest essence. And we will then each be one to another the most persistent of reminders of the greatness that lies within each of us. For it is then that we are projecting the most essential part of our highest and finest selves from the very core of our being. And so it is wise to pay attention to everything and everyone that comes into your space. Let no blessing go unnoticed and no message go unheard. Be not fooled by the wrapping paper on the gift or the cover on the book.

And so with this, we have the naming of this Addiction Alchemy tribe on FEBRUARY 24, 2013:

White Buffalo Woman Clan


White Buffalo Woman POWER

It is the mothers, not the warriors, who create a people and guide their destiny. ~Chief Luther Standing Bear, Oglala Sioux

Grandfather Nicholas Black Elk has cleared the path for the emergence of White Buffalo Calf Woman. His work in the world although conducted from the spiritual realm is a living, breathing active reminder to us of the power of our non-local consciousness and the truth of non-local realities. The spiritual realm is just as alive and active as you see here on earth. White Buffalo Woman is tasked with stepping fully into her power as a seer, a diviner, a visionary and an oracle, while remaining grounded in the horizontal plane enough to bring back messages that are critical to allow the soul's to fully emerge. You will have everything that you need to do so. The medicine wheel will be the structure that allows you to give your spirit feet and legs.

When one sits in the Hoop of the People, one must be responsible, because all of Creation is related, and the hurt of one is the hurt of all, and the honor of one is the honor of all. ~White Buffalo Calf Woman, Lakota Sioux

White Buffalo woman is a bringer of peace and harmony, by opening up the channels for Great Spirit to come through to places that have long been forgotten, restricted and constrained. It is her job in the journey of humanity to administer spiritual CPR, as well as soft, subtle doses of joy and creativity, by being who she is and living from her soul.

We must relearn how to cry. A strong man cries; it is the weak man who holds back his tears. ~Lame Deer, Lakota

The legend of White Buffalo Calf Woman, though originated through Lakota tradition, is universal story that has come to know it's true place in time. No definitive version of the story exists. Perhaps one should never be defined, as it seems to grow and adapt, as the story shifts and shapes itself to the people. Through the oral tradition, it was handed down, and the story changed over time and will continue to change. What most versions agree upon though, is that White Buffalo Calf Woman brought the canunpa wakan, the Sacred Pipe. She also brought the sun dance, the inipi (sweat lodge) and the hanblecia (the vision quest), among other rituals.

Native American isn’t blood. It is what is in the heart. The love for the land, the respect for it, those who inhabit it, and the respect and acknowledgement of the spirits and elders. That is what it is to be Indian. ~White Feather, Navajo Medicine Man

In “The Sacred Pipe,” Black Elk lists seven rites given by White Buffalo Calf Woman for proper living. University of Nebraska-Lincoln professor Tom Gannon believes the Lakota practiced more ceremonies originally, but after contact with European settlers, only seven were highlighted to better transition Lakota spiritual belief into the Catholic seven sacraments. The seven sacraments are Baptism, Eucharist,
Reconciliation, Confirmation, Sacred Marriage, Holy Orders,
Anointing of the Sick. On this journey we will be working with these sacraments in a more universal form, aligning the elemental powers with the powers of the spiritual realms, our Spiritual Guides and Creator.

Those who live for one another learn that love is the bond of perfect unity. ~Fools Crow, Lakota (Teton) Sioux spiritual leader, Yuwipi medicine man, nephew of Black Elk

This is truly already the way of the Addiction Alchemy Recovery Medicine Wheel, but it is the first time that we have consciously worked with Grandfather's understanding of the importance of the knitting together of the horizontal and the vertical paths. Black Elk was a very, very unique grandfather in this regard which makes him an extra-ordinary teacher and guide for the people of the Rainbow Nation (us!).

We should only think of beautiful things when we look at other people. ~Rolling Thunder, Cherokee

White Buffalo Woman is not a totem to casually work with or merely dabble in the teachings. She is a whole new way of being. If you were to think of spiritual guides as computer programs, some other archetypes and totems could be likened to Microsoft Word or Photoshop.... But White Buffalo Woman in utter power and simplicity is a whole new Operating System. She is a new core programming which allows us to experience our lives on a whole new level of purity, clarity, expression and expansion. This change in our own way of being has no other outcome than to ask those around us and the rest of the world to come up to a new level of purity, harmony and peace... all in the name of opening up the way to more love!

Let us put our minds together and see what future we can make for our children. ~Chief Joseph, Nez Percé

The emerging White Buffalo Woman may have often found herself coming "down" to play in the lower levels. This was no accident and there has been nothing done wrong. Black Elk says, this was our warrior training. For, he says, although we now allow our spiritual guides, the masculine parts of our being and and hence those that outpicture to offer protection to bring her forward... without having a true understanding ourselves, we would not have been able to draw forth the necessary compassion and unconditional love for this revelation. For unconditional love is also another word for "tough love".

Like the grasses showing tender faces to each other, thus should we do, for this was the wish of the Grandfathers of the World. ~Black Elk, Oglala Lakota Sioux

As Black Elk and the Grandfathers are rallying around us, someone might ask... but where are the grandmothers? If we are here to bring divine union and a restoration of the masculine and feminine force, why do we not speak of the grandmothers? Black Elk says... good question... now answer it! Find the answer to this and you will know why this journey will be etched in the cosmic record as a holy pilgrimage of soul restoration.

Flowers do not force their way with great strife. Flowers open to perfection slowly in the sun. ~White Eagle, Ponca Sioux

Who are you?
Where did you come from?
What is your purpose?
Where are you going?
Why are you here?

White Buffalo Woman will help you answer these questions with new depths of understanding, wisdom and love. She will help you remember yourself into being. Recalling and activating the genetic codes that are ready to introduce the evolution of humankind to the quantum leaps that can only be facilitated by masters of intent, soul stalking and dreaming while awake. She will show you how by helping you remember. The people, places and events will brought forth that will  help you remember.

White Buffalo Woman helps you to do everything you do with and through the power of love... true love. It is this level of motherly, divine love that gives the super human strength to give birth to this league of souls who are now in the process of struggling to be born. You will not buy into their illusion, nor will you discount it. You will have the strength, the wisdom and the wherewithall to be able to both hear the old stories with compassion, but hold the sacred space for a new reality. That is the gift of the psychic healer.

The gift of spiritual sight is one that has long been coveted. Who hasn't wanted to be a fly on the wall, to overhear a conversation or even spy. Yet, it is a gift that comes with a great price. For it takes great personal strength, wisdom and confidence to truly "know" was others are thinking. As you purify yourself and give others the grace of their own process, you will learn not to take anything personally. The naugals etch this into their souls. All psychic healers, even if you do not know what you are, will be asked to come to the very highest levels of interity. Integrity encompasses honesty both to self and others...but it is more a function of wholeness... which does require the truth.

White Buffalo Woman will help you gently face the truth about your powers of sight, you gift of intent and your ability to dream a new reality for this world. As you realize the truth, you will know that it is truly you who have always held the cards. You may find that you used your gifts in ways that you regret. But we are being asked to come to the altar of our soul and give ourselves the grace and compassion to process and grow, just as we are asked to do the same for others. The ultimate realization is that we have been as children, unwittingly wielding great powers that were being restricted and restrained to a certain extent for our own good. We are being asked to integrate all that has come before... not to forget or disown... but to cradle it as a gift... make a book and a story of it... and use it to help others to heal!

"This is your time now," White Buffalo Woman says, "to come into your own, to find and state your preferences, to trust in your benevolence, to tap into the wisdom of the great mother within, to revere and serve others with the great powers of healing that you have within, to draw near your kindred, to feel your feelings without reservation, to be creative in how you express them... to let yourself be moved to take action... let your free will form you up... and raise you up... do not settle for less... ask those around you to step into the next level of being by simply being you... by embodying the Goddess... that which you are."

Seek to make your life long and its purpose in the service of your people. ~Chief Tecumseh, Shawnee


The traditional story is that, long ago, there was a time of famine. The chief of the Lakotas sent out two scouts to hunt for food. As the young men travelled they saw a figure in the distance. As they approached they saw that it was a beautiful young woman in white clothing. One of the men was filled with desire for the woman. He approached her, telling his companion he would attempt to embrace the woman, and if he found her pleasing, he would claim her as a wife. His companion warned him that she appeared to be a sacred woman, and to do anything sacrilegious would be folly. The man ignored the other's advice.

The companion watched as the other approached and embraced the woman, during which time a white cloud enveloped the pair. After a while, the cloud disappeared and only the mysterious woman and a pile of bones remained. The remaining man was frightened, and began to draw his bow, but the woman beckoned him forward, telling him that no harm would come to him. As the woman spoke Lakota, the young man decided she was one of his people, and came forward. When he arrived, she pointed to a spot on the ground where the other scout's bare bones lay. She explained that the Crazy Buffalo had compelled the man to desire her, and she had annihilated him.

The man became even more frightened and again menaced her with his bow. At this time, the woman explained that she was wakan/holy and his weapons could not harm her. She further explained that if he did as she instructed, no harm would befall him and that his tribe would become more prosperous. The scout promised to do what she instructed, and was told to return to his encampment, call the Council and prepare a feast for her arrival.

The woman's name was PtesanWi which translated White Buffalo Calf Woman. She taught the Lakotas seven sacred rituals and gave them the chanunpa or sacred pipe which is the holiest of all worship symbols. After teaching the people and giving them her gifts, PtesanWi left them promising to return. Later, the story became attributed to the goddess Wohpe, also known as Whope, or Wope.

When Roman Catholic missionaries first came among the Lakota, their stories of the Virgin Mary and Jesus became associated with the legend of White Buffalo Calf Woman. The syncretic practice of identifying Mary with PtesanWi and Jesus with the chanunpa continues among Lakota Christians to this day. The story of PtesanWi is associated with the white buffalo.

Note: This story has other variations. This is the story we will be working with as Grandfather has requested.


I am an expression of the Divine Mother.
The mother within is my internal healer.
I embrace my own mystery.
I stand in my power and my power is true love.
I am strong enough to ask for help and receive assistance.
I utilize my tribe and tap into the resources of community.
I know and accept myself with unconditional love.
When I know myself, I remain true to myself.
I embrace change and growth.
I see myself through the eyes of love.
I purify my desires through my connection to my higher self.
I prepare my body and home as a temple for my soul.
I consume only the best foods.
I nourish and nurture myself body, mind and soul.
I pay attention to my whole self.
I give my soul expression.
I trust my soul and my intuitive guidance.
I listen to the instruction of my soul.
I allow my spirit to be my guide.
I seek out and work with my spiritual allies and guides.
I open to the higher powers of my guides and guardians.
I work with the medicine wheel to bring myself and all my relations into wholeness.
I am creative.
I am beautiful.
I respect myself and my body in ever deepening ways.
As I connect with my own body as a temple of light, I am called to greater levels of reverence and respect for being human.
As I say yes to my soul, what is no longer serving will call for release.
I release what is no longer serving ONLY with the help of my higher powers.
I open to receiving more love, more beauty, more peace, more joy and more abundance.
I harmonize my surroundings by cultivating harmony and stillness within myself.
As I allow the mother and father within me to communicate, a third thing called "a miracle" emerges.
I am a living embodiment of the grace that emerges through the third thing.
I am creative, sacred, divine love in the flesh.
I am a Holy Woman.


Holy Water, Sacred Smoke, Medicine Wheel, pipe ceremony, sacred herb, flowering tree, White or All color, horse, eagles, rainbows, rabbit, coyote, heyoka, pine, Blue Star, Eagle feather, Hawk feather, Duck Feather, Swan feather, Crow feather, Raven feather, Ibis feather, buffalo, John of God, Nag Champa Incense, Mother Teresa, Hildegard VonBingen

Selenite, Rosophia, Azezualite, Turquoise, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Apache Tear, Carnelian, Citrine, Apatite, Clear Quartz, Vogel Crystals, Apache Tear, Holey stones

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