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The Addiction Alchemy Field Guide Manual, Addiction Alchemy Sacred Art Compendium, and Addiction Alchemy Affirmation Oracle are coming in 2020.

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"We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time." -- T.S. Eliot

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LIONHEART JOURNEY- Opens in the CENTER - September 27, 2015  Click to Sign Up

The naming of a clan is a very sacred process. It is not dictated by the creativity alone of the facilitator, but is rather more of a download of information that best represents the existing energy of the group as a whole. Through intuition, meditation, inspiration, imagination, observation and deep listening the clan is named, not by a human, but through a human by the unseen energy source that connects us all one to another.

We are but reflections of one another, until we are reflecting only what is inside of our heart of hearts from our purest essence. And we will then each be one to another the most persistent of reminders of the greatness that lies within each of us. For it is then that we are projecting the most essential part of our highest and finest selves from the very core of our being. And so it is wise to pay attention to everything and everyone that comes into your space. Let no blessing go unnoticed and no message go unheard. Be not fooled by the wrapping paper on the gift or the cover on the book.

And so with this, we have the naming of this Addiction Alchemy tribe on August 8, 2015:

LionHeart Journey


It takes great strength to reveal such tenderness. That is the keynote of LionHeart! The power of LionHeart is centered squarely in the allegory of the Lion laying with the lamb. The archetype of the Lion lying with the Lamb is not about the food chain of these animals... it is about the "food chain" within us... it is about the most fierce, decisive, projective parts of our personality becoming the protector and champion of our delicate, tender, receptive soul.

This journey may be about finding those different sides of yourself, so that you can become whole in consciousness. Some may need to find their voice, and some may need to be quiet so a greater voice can emerge. Which ever way you are coming at this, purification and synthesis of intention is the key.

This is not just a blend of Light and Love, but a synergy of the LionHeart coming forth within humanity. It is the Way of the Peaceful Warrior. After all... what else would we be fighting for... if not love. Let us remove every barrier to love.

"Never think in terms of being free from; always think in terms of being free for." - Osho

In the West on the medicine wheel we gain the courage, strength and confidence to enter the unknown element of soul. This place within us is the part of us where the field of pure potential resides. As we sit in this aspect of ourselves on the wheel, it is like a visionquest for every cell of our body. It is a brave call for something beyond our meager imagining to come forth, so that we can continue to change and grow as a human being, and to be in a new, old way.

"Buddha has actually called it the lion's roar. When a man reaches an absolutely silent state he roars like a lion. For the first time he knows what freedom is because now there is no fear of anybody's opinion. What people say does not matter. Whether they call you a saint or a sinner is immaterial; your whole and sole judge is God. And by 'God' a person is not meant at all, God simply means the whole universe." - Osho

Courage, strength and confidence are the stepping stones to our future selves. It is important to understand this process of growth and to realize the heirarchy of our spiritual evolution. For courage builds strength, and strength builds confidence. Often we forget that confidence must be built, even earned. Just as we might lift weights to build muscular strength, so too, must we exercise our options to build confidence. In other words, the more we courageously venture into the unknown, the stronger we become, the better prepared we are to take risks, the more confident we become.

Notice that confidence and comfort are not the same thing. In many ways our confidence level is directly related to our perception of our ability to handle the unknown. So if miracles of manifestation lie outside of what is known to us, then how could we consider making this a routine part of our lives, and not just some leap of faith that we take every now and again as we muster the courage, or more likely life and our soul stalk us to move into the void?

It is important to learn about ourselves... what we are really made of, to help us continously access the depths of our being, and to access great assistance in the realm of pure possibility is the medicine wheel. When you journey on the wheel, you first build faith in the presence of unseen forces of light through the courageous act of humility. One could say that the very first leap of faith of the fool to venture into the unknown is where courage begins on the wheel. As one becomes a seasoned traveler however, the awareness of the magician within, and a whole cast of characters, magical beings and divine helpers come to the fore, and we are strengthened for the journey by our deep awareness that we are not alone, in many senses of the word.

"The ground of fearlessness is fear. In order to become fearless you have to stand in the middle of your fear." - Osho

Much like the story of the Wizard of Oz, the hero's journey reveals the deep magic that lies within, and this begins to outpicture in our lives. People, places, situations and scenarios will play out to call into awareness what is within. Then something amazing happens, we start to be able to navigate in the dark, through the signs and symbology of the events of our life. And we are no longer the victim of circumstance, karma or fate. As soon as we get our shaman's eyes, and develop the ability to track our lives, to see the experiences of our lives through higher dimensions, it is as if an invisible light comes on and we can access greater information. It is in that moment that we truly realize that we are creating all of it.

Courage, strength and confidence come from within. But the process and experience of life is designed to give us what we need to pull what is within "out" into the world. The reason for this is that above all we are destined to create. Being fruitful and multiplying is not just about procreation of other human beings... it is an all encompassing command to be abundant, to improve your lot, to advance and grow... and ultimately to evolve right through the door of the unknown, the great mystery of our own soul... to become fully human.

If we can imagine something into existence one time, it can be done a hundred thousand times. The truth is, that we have already imagined a great many things into existence. The imaginal realm is very real. In meditation and journeywork sometimes people ask, how do I know that I am not imagining it? The answer is that you are! Yet there is a great question that must be asked. Why, out of all the things you could have imagined did you choose that? And "who" was it that chose that? Exploring these questions almost always bears fruit. These are most often treasures pulled up from the deep, clues about your unique individuality and purpose.

"The crowd is not the problem -- you are the problem. The crowd is not pulling you -- you are being pulled, not by somebody else but by your own unconscious conditioning. Always remember not to throw the responsibility somewhere on somebody else, because then you will never be free of it. Deep down it is your responsibility. Why should one be so much against the crowd? Poor crowd! Why should you be so much against it? Why do you carry such a wound?" - Osho

Sometimes we discover that the soul is tossing us clues through our dreams, imaginings and visions about what is hidden inside of us. It is even possible to tap into the visions and dreams of each other. It is also possible for each of us to have a similar dream, a memory, or a calling that is so strong, that even if we don't realize it, we magnetize ourselves to each other through this common dream. It is then that we truly begin to understand the reality of the realities within the unconscious, and the great hidden powers that are available to us, upon this discovery.

This realization is the ultimate courage bringer. For in this we begin to see our purpose and remember who we really are. And we begin to recognize each other, and much like in the Wizard of Oz, there is a homecoming, and a newfound ability to reunify with lost aspect of ourself, and a discovery of strength we didn't know we had. This in turn gives us the confidence to continue to build our dreams, to seek out a vision, to allow our soul group both within and without to come forth and move together as one. This oneness, this reunification is our heart of hearts. It is here, in this space that we can live inside the gap, the tao of our heart, regularly and routinely living in the fifth dimensional holy, whole sacred space of a life lived loving like God/dess loves.

A great gift will be available to those who travel this journey, and then through them and the stillpoint of calm knowing, not unlike the guardian Sphinx, to others. It is the gift of Sekhmet, the Lionheaded Goddess Deity of the Egyptian neteru. She is a Solar deity, sometimes called the daughter of the sun god Ra and often associated with the goddesses Hathor and Bast. She bears the Solar disk and the uraeus which associates her with Wadjet and royalty. She is known for her strength and protection of the Pharoahs.

This makes Sekhment a powerful guardian for emergent Kings and Queens who are reclaiming their crown, their free will and the light of their own soul. For the last 2 years Sekhmet has been bringing forth the fiery initiations of the Sekheim Reiki to be handed down in the lineage of the Blue Star Monastary and School of Usui Reiki. This is optional to receive this piece, but this journey will prepare you energy field for this great expansion, as well as pave the way for others to come.

"The gift of fire element is a strong sense of self-esteem that builds a courageous character that will be totally authentic. Fire elements helps me to remember the alchemy of my own personal transformation, finding the courage to walk my truth and the courage to seek greater understanding and awareness. I can in turn inspire others to connect to spirit within, to find the same passion to live authentically and honestly in every way." - Nate Metz, The Green Shaman, Addiction Alchemy Facilitator

It time to look deeper at the Hidden Machine of the Universe.. and discover your role in creation. It's time to dream a new dream of love, to recall your future self and bring that one into greater physical form. It's time to stand in the fire, swim to the shore, walk on the land and be who you were born to be.

Often the teachings of the Law of Attraction, the Buddha, Hermetics and others have admonished us, "As above, so below", "You become what you think about". But by now we've all discovered some holes in this theory. That is because there is more to us than our thoughts... and all thoughts are not created equal.

Some hold much more weight than others, some are like a river that runs through it... some are so buried in our belief systems that we have no idea what's really in there. But there is a way to influence our thoughts and belief systems, even if we don't know what seems to be holding us back. It's your ENERGY! Your AURA!

What is in your field, your environment... or not.... can truly help and aid you in your transformational process.. ot block and delay you. This is up for discovery. You can learn how to change your energy, and through the discipline of some very powerful spiritual practices... set yourself free...and gather the strength to be more responsible for creating your life in a way that is beautiful, loving, compassionate, caring... and empowered.

"My guide spoke with me about courage, and it’s differences from bravery. Again the feeling of control and mastery similar to a martial artist were strong. Courage is choosing rigorous honesty, living in example of personal value system. It is not about fighting battles, aggression or over-powering. Courage is daily and often unrecognized, taken for granted at best." - Nate Metz, The Green Shaman, Addiction Alchemy Facilitator

As we talk about belief systems, thoughts, feelings and creation, there is something that we really don't speak of, nor understand very well; memory. The storage of belief systems is system wide. We become those stories, for they are not only in our minds, they are in our cells. That is why it is so crucial to purge active thought patterns out of our short term memory, up and out... so that there is room for some of the deeply held belief systems that are both ready to go and ready to deliver their payload to come to the forefront.

Our memory is circular, not just linear, as our little thinking mind tells us. There is alot more "in there" than we can imagine. Let us use the power of LionHeart to not only reveal the things we do not want to face, but also to recognize hidden and evolving gifts of the new earth human, as we reach ever greater levels of our human/spiritual development. Let my courage, strength and confidence come alive in your life.

The power of LionHeart helps us "fight" for love. It allows us to speak up and speak out, with love and with the intention to heal and create something better, higher and finer of our soul's expression. This is about allowing the Light of the Soul and the illumined mind to become in service to our heart.

What is near and dear to your own heart? What cause are you passionate about? What calling are you hearing? These are all important clues to the Lion's roar within you.

The LionHeart is not domineering or overbearing. Though others who do not like to meet your boundaries might term your actions as such. Don't buy it! If you have checked in with your heart and you know that you have the best interest of the greater good as the center of your intention, then hold true. To thine own self be true!

"The greatest fear in the world is of the opinions of others. And the moment you are unafraid of the crowd you are no longer a sheep, you become a lion. A great roar arises in your heart, the roar of freedom." - OSHO

The heart of the Lion is the Lamb. The Lamb of God, where God is the joining of Mother and Father Divine, is what the lion is protecting. Our courage, strength and confidence is inspired by what we truly love. LionHeart stokes in us a call for devotion. This devotion makes us committed to a cause if it is the right one for us, if it is tied to our destiny. You will know that you are on the right track, because anything else will seem pointless for you.

"Buddha has actually called it the lion's roar. When a man reaches an absolutely silent state he roars like a lion. For the first time he knows what freedom is because now there is no fear of anybody's opinion. What people say does not matter. Whether they call you a saint or a sinner is immaterial; your whole and sole judge is God. And by 'God' a person is not meant at all, God simply means the whole universe.
It is not a question of having to face a person; you have to face the trees, the rivers, the mountains, the stars -- the whole universe. And this is our universe, we are part of it. There is no need to be afraid of it, there is no need to hide anything from it. In fact, even if you try you cannot hide. The whole knows it already, the whole knows more about you than you know." - OSHO


I build confidence by actively engaging in my inner and outer life.
I explore my inner world through contemplation and reflection.
My practice of contemplation involves writings from my soul.
I allow my soul to reveal my own depth to me through writing.
I contemplate my writing through reflection and divination.
Divination is a contemplative art that allows me to speak with my soul.
As I become more aware of my soul I am better able to communicate.
My soul is a great mysterious being, and I open to that mystery.
I offer myself up to the great mystery of my soul.
I allow my life to be an expression of my soul.
As I express my own soul, I relieve the world of it's soulessness.
I am connected to web of souls.
My I AM presence alights my soul.
I have the courage to be myself.
I have the strength to be me.
I have the confidence to enter the unknown aspects of my self.
As I entertain my soul, I bring joy to the world.
I allow my second sight and my spiritual perceptions to increase my faith.
As I see more, my faith becomes knowledge.
As I experience more of life, my knowledge becomes wisdom.
As I experience my life in wisdom, I am filled with understanding.
As I am filled with understanding, I am free from judgment.
As I am free from judgment, I allow the energy to flow.
When energy is flowing, There is room for miracles.
I have the courage to hold sacred space and entertain the void of the unknown.
I am reborn each time I face a fear.
The way out is through.
Outside of my comfort zone lie miracles and magic.
I work with the medicine wheel to help me navigate through the void.
The medicine wheel provides the mysterious platform on which to access the deep magic of life.
As I build my life on the platform of the medicine wheel, I lay the groundwork for my ascension.
As my consciousness ascends, I have a top down view and a higher perspective.
The medicine wheel helps me to maintain a view of all perspectives.
The medicine wheel helps me to assemble my dream team both within and without, as I honor all aspects of myself.
I travel this life with courage, strength and confidence.
Courage, strength and confidence allow me to take even greater risks to open to even greater love.
I have the courage to love like God/dess loves.


Sekmet, Sphinx, Isis, Sothis, Kali Ma/ Durga, Lamb, Sword, Shield, Crown, Throne, Pyramid

Tibet, Pacific/Hawaii, Carribbean, Florida, Alaska

Stones & Crystals
Diamond, Lapis Lazuli, Carnelian, Black Obsidian, Vogel Crystal, Citrine, Aquamarine, Blue Topaz, Yellow Topaz, Septarian, Fairy's Cross, Tiger Iron, Tiger Eye, Amethyst, Kyanite, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Fuchsite, Shungite, Aphophylite Iolite


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