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The Addiction Alchemy Field Guide Manual, Addiction Alchemy Sacred Art Compendium, and Addiction Alchemy Affirmation Oracle are coming in 2020.

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"We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time." -- T.S. Eliot

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DRAGONFLY CLAN - Eastern Gate - JANUARY27, 2008
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The naming of a clan is a very sacred process. It is not dictated by the creativity alone of the facilitator, but is rather more of a download of information that best represents the existing energy of the group as a whole. Through intuition, meditation, inspiration, imagination, observation and deep listening the clan is named, not by a human, but through a human by the unseen energy source that connects us all one to another.

We are but reflections of one another, until we are reflecting only what is inside of our heart of hearts from our purest essence. And we will then each be one to another the most persistent of reminders of the greatness that lies within each of us. For it is then that we are projecting the most essential part of our highest and finest selves from the very core of our being. And so it is wise to pay attention to everything and everyone that comes into your space. Let no blessing go unnoticed and no message go unheard. Be not fooled by the wrapping paper on the gift or the cover on the book.

And so with this, we have the naming of this Addiction Alchemy tribe on January 27, 2008:

The Dragonfly Clan


Dragonfly is the truth teller and the shatterer of illusion. She reminds us to always see the truth of the matter and to remember the absolute power of truth. She wants us to understand that reality resonates differently in different dimensions, which can affect the way we view the truth. She, however, can help us access the truth from all perspectives, high, low or laterally and can help us traverse all realities. She teaches us to let go of the energetic heaviness of our internal baggage and see the truth, because that is what will lighten us up and allow us to ascend into a new way of being.

A person carrying Dragonfly energy is someone who has had an amazing struggle to give birth to their own truth and to step fully into their personal power. This is no simple transformation, but rather one that has been unfolding at a more accelerated pace over a 2 to 5 year period. It is now at the time of emergence and shifting into the power of flight that we however, are at our most vulnerable and must be safeguarded. For as we unfold from our hard shell we are still gaining our strength to fly. Poised on the brink of flight we stand into a higher and finer life than we may have possibly imagined or ever thought possible.

The omnidirectional vision of the dragonfly and her ability to maneuver with agility and laterally as well as forward and backward motion gives her vast amounts of information. This applies to people who use her energy. They can quickly dart here and there to get what they need in all directions and all spans of time to gather wisdom and truth. The trick is to apply it correctly into their life.

To the person carrying Dragonfly energy there is a great deal of importance in facing the truth. Dragonfly knows that all power lies within our ability to know our own selves and for this knowledge to come forth we must shed our layers. For often, while on the outside there is honesty, there is an incongruency on the inside and before the emergence the truth was not always reconciled from within. Dragonfly breaks us out of denial and allows us to look at issues from all angles, quickly and easily. She will bring you the truth about yourself and others if you will let her. And the more strength you garner the more truth you can tolerate, the more connected to your consciousness and your conscience you can be. It is when you are fully connected to your conscience that you reestablish the inner voice that gives you the precious guidance to act on what is right for you and to let go of what does not serve without judgement and without regret. You, in your infinite knowing of the truth understand that all paths lead to the same place.

I see the truth and remind you that you can integrate all the areas of your life by adhering to the truth. Accept what you see. That does not mean that you may not seek to make changes, but you do so quickly and decisively, without judgment or undue drama.

I ask you to connect your chakra system and reestablish the link from your intuition to your gut. Yes, the truth can hurt, but it will set you free. And it is this freedom that will keep you alive, for anything in your life that does not foster your freedom - freedom to love, live in peace, to have your needs met is in reality killing you softly.

I am a warrior and a predator in the insect world. I can help you find your inner warrior so that you can better maneuver in your world. I am a master of the skies, yet I have emerged out of the water as a young nymph. I am an irridescently beautiful acrobat, deft and swift. And now that I have taken flight I am a guardian of my pond.

Dragonfly can empower you to transform your life by taking good care of yourself in these final stages of your emergence into your full power. Let her help you fly!

I am ready to show the world my beauty.
I am an emerging leader in my community and my family.
I empower others to tell the truth.
I foster the truth in all situations in my life.
I reveal my true self to myself and to others.
I revel in my unique gifts and talents.
I see the undeviating justice at work in my life.
I am responsible for my own emotions.
I see how I attract that which is like itself.
I accept myself as I am.
I change things about myself with love and non judgment.
I am already whole and perfect.
I have psychic abilities which can help transform my life.
I use my intuition, as well as my eyes and ears to see and hear the truth.
I tell the truth as I know it.
I meditate to commune with the truth that is in my heart.
I take quick, decisive action for my greater good.
I am evolving and growing.
I seek to explore my full human potential.
I uncover my special genius and use it to create magic in my life and for the world.


Dragonfly is a symbol of long term transformation at the cellular level. She is a gatekeeper to the comprehension of higher knowledge and esoteric truths.

Dragonfly is often associated with nature spirits or the fae realm. Being a creature who begins life in water and ultimately emerges into the sky makes her a powerful archetype for freedom from both internal and external constraints.

Dragonfly's body is in the shape of a cross. This signifies her release from suffering and launch into the Christ consciousness and into the realm of true unconditional love, which does include tough love. After all she is a protector and a guardian.

Opal, Aura quartz, Moss Agate, Green Quartz, Obsidian


As with all insects, the larvae undergo a series of molts as they grow and develop. While some species have relatively short larval development times (1-2 months from the egg hatching to emergence), most spend at least a year and some much longer (5 years or more in places where the climate is arduous) as aquatic larvae.

Dragonfly and damselfly larvae are aquatic creatures. At the end of the final larval stage, the nymph climbs out into the air, perhaps onto a stone, or a plant stalk, or even some algae floating at the surface. Its position stabilized, the insect splits this last larval skin open along a suture on the back of the thorax and pulls itself out through this hole. Odonate development lacks the familiar pupal stage (e.g. chrysalis of a butterfly). By the time the larva leaves the water, an adult, albeit a rather uninflated one, exists inside the skin which is about to be shed.

After the insect has extracted itself, a period of time, usually a couple of hours or so, elapses during which the body and wings expand and cure sufficiently to withstand flight. Emergence is not an easy process, and the insect is incredibly vulnerable as it prepares for life in an entirely new medium. Many things can go wrong, and sometimes do. Weather changes can have disastrous results. Winds and rain can cause irreparable damage by bringing things into contact with the developing body or wings. The insects can become dislodged, falling into the water where they can drown or be eaten. Where suitable emergence sites are limited, larvae can walk over one another disrupting development. During emergence, the insect can't fly away, and hence is vulnerable to numerous predators. Emergence requires a lot of energy and some insects die trying.

After curing sufficiently, the insect, now in its more familiar dragonfly or damselfly form, makes its maiden flight, away from the water. Compared to the mature adults you might be familiar with, insects which have just completed their emergence lack the vibrant colors (especially noticeable in the eyes). Their wings have a higher gloss, as though covered with cellophane/saran wrap and look more fragile. The maiden flight is generally short (more like a hop) and does not appear strong or well coordinated - the flight muscles are weak and the thoracic skeleton has not fully hardened. Recently emerged insects are often snapped up by hungry or nesting birds.

In a week or two the dragonfly "colors up" and becomes the beautiful vibrantly colored acrobats that help keep the mosquito population under control. Now fully emerged and developed, she plays the vital role of guardian and protector of her pond!

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